Supra Nimbus

We bridge healthcare & life sciences value chain with comprehensive technology products and solutions. We unify the healthcare ecosystem comprising healthcare professionals, life sciences, and insurance by combining healthcare focused innovative technologies, cloud big data, and machine intelligence.



is a term which means "above and beyond the limits"



is a term which means "a shining light surrounding an enlightened person or deity"


Moment of Truth

"a Nimbus moment happens when our customers see market intelligence using machine intelligence and big data!"


A big data platform that is exclusively focussed on healthcare & life sciences

Automate data gathering, transform analysis, contextualize insights, and enable machine intelligence

A platform that consistently gathers tons of data from numerous sources, contextualizing millions of data points for rich insights and predictions for healthcare & life sciences.

Be it connecting data from siloed internal systems or aggregating analytics from myriad sources, our software robots can deliver results and reduce your costs.

We unify healthcare ecosystem



Big Data


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