FaceDox For Health Systems- Provider App

Secure peer-to-peer collaboration app
for care providers within a health system

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FaceDox for Health Systems
Provider App

Increase Provider Connectivity and Productivity.

Retain referral revenues within Health System

FaceDox is a peer to peer collaboration app that enables health systems to succeed in value based care.
FaceDox is available in two versions - For Providers and For Patients.

FaceDox Provider App is a peer-to-peer collaboration app that easily connects providers with colleagues to refer patients within health system and to increase provider productivity.

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Collaborate on expert opinions

Although most care providers are largely mobile and short on time, FaceDox can help collaborate directly with peers and seek expert opinions

Have private 1-on-1 and group chats

A private 1-on-1 chat with peer provider or a group discussion with relevant colleagues is only a tap away

Share experiences with peers

Connect with Peers and Share experiences! Anytime, Anywhere

Refer patients to colleagues

Care Providers can refer patients to peers within the Group. Dashboard displays which provider and speciality contribute to referral revenues within the Health Group

Stay up-to-date on latest developments

Follow practice related clinical and theraupetic news updates and also, follow medical news shared by industry leaders and peers

Expand professional network.

Share your research, knowledge, and clinical experience with peers and learn from key opinion leaders. Seamlessly, expand your professional network and follow leaders

Easy to Deploy
User Friendly Dashboard
24/7 Support

Exclusively built for Health Systems

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