NimbusGuru For Life Sciences & Insurance

A big data platform that consistently gathers & analyzes
healthcare and life sciences data to provide a holistice market landscape

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NimbusGuru for Life Sciences & Insurance

A big data platform that pulls all data related to healthcare and life sciences from tons of data sources, connecting millions of data points, and contextualizing them for rich insights and predictions. This way you get a holistic market landscape and can always be sure that you are always on top of the latest data.

NimbusGuru Platform

Life science marketers can ask simple questions on a Google styled text-box
in plain english and get rich insights in seconds.


Automation crafted with purpose.

Our software robots pull all data related to healthcare and life science marketing from lots of data sources, connecting millions of data points, and contextualizes them for rich insights and predictions.

Integration for speed and performance.

Seamlessly connect your siloed systems such as CRMs, SalesTools, Internal Spreadsheets, Vendor Marketing Platforms, ERPs et al. Our software robots can integrate disparate data sources to bring comprehensive analytics driven by big data.

Transformation a massive array of data.

Contextualize and transform massive datasets including structured & unstructured business, social, economic, marketing, geographic, demographic, behavioral data et al to generate holistic market intelligence.

Machine Intelligence complete with cognitive intuition.

Revolutionize your business with big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to create a cognitive system that can learn continuously and help predict your market opportunities. Clearly stay ahead of the competition.

Life Sciences

Life Science sales & marketing teams can now effortlessly view holistic market opportunities with comprehensive big data intelligence based on latest data.


Aggregating, analyzing, and contextualizing customer data from numerous data sources in various formats enables insurance industry to save 80% data efforts.

Health Systems

More than half of the physicians are time starved to manage all data from patients and outside sources. NimbusGuru offers streamlined interactive solution to health systems.


A one stop shop for data intelligence that drive your sales, marketing, and market research

  • A turnkey cloud solution providing easy setup and immediate use
  • Big data customer intelligence personalized with behavioral analytics
  • Real time optimization of your multichannel marketing campaigns
  • A comprehensive closed loop feedback platform
  • A mobile first business solution for tablets and smartphones


Seamless Data Syndication

  • Demographic Health Needs Assessment
  • Customer Behaviors and Media Detail Capture
  • Patient Demographics & Psychographics
  • Hospital Facility Demographics
  • Third party performance, payor, prescriber data integration


NimbusGuru powers a suite of enterprise technologies




Create hyper targeted customer segments based on real market opportunities. Target and manage your customer relationships with data driven intelligence.



Prioritize, measure, and predict your brand's multichannel growth opportunities with MarketingGuru. A closed loop multichannel solution transforming your customer experience while measuring investment in your brand experience.



Delivering the right information, at the right time, for the right customer. Use prescriber intelligence to target physicians and optimize messaging to meet your goals.



Market & brand performance at your fingertips: by customer demographic, trend, and opportunity. Visualize your sales operations by customer interactions, network maps, and call frequency

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